Cozmik Client Testimonials - cozmikphotography

"Erika was referred to us by our wedding officiant. She replied to our many email questions super fast. When we met her to discuss our wedding, we thought that she would be a good personality fit with us. We also liked that she was very flexible in arranging the time she was contracted to work so that it fit our needs. We liked that she has been into photography for a long time and is a dedicated professional. What that meant for us is that she would be able to determine what settings (focus, lighting, creative out of focus) to use to give us the best picture of a scene. It meant to us that she could look at something and visualize a creative picture of it. It also meant to us that she knew how to process the photos after the event to bring out the best in the photo. Are your friends going to do that? Are you? The pictures from your friends’ cameras and phones will never be a good as that from [a pro.] Also, most guests won’t want to “interrupt” your event by walking around taking pictures—most pictures will be from a distance, and probably poorly focused and badly lit because their flash won’t go that far. Plus, you want your guests to relax and enjoy the event, not go around trying to capture all the details. Finally, the best part is that once we hired Erika & we put the photography in her hands, we never had to worry about any of that again. She showed up on time, ready to work. I love our pictures and many people who have seen Erika’s photos from our wedding say that we got a really good photographer! I agree with that, and will seek her out again when we do something!
If your event is at all important to you, you need to hire a professional photographer. It’s the most important expense. It will give you pleasure for years, as you look back. Erika is an excellent photographer, or better term, PARTNER- she will be there, helping you get the most memorable photos from your event, so you can enjoy your day."
- S & J, married Aug. 10, 2013