Cozmik Client Testimonials - cozmikphotography

"There are no words that could fully describe my experience with Erika (CozMik). I heard about Erika from Reverend Tiffany Newman ( and to be honest we were a little bit hesitant because we wanted to make sure we capture this special moment right. I am glad that we did choose her because she worked side by side with our Reverand even with the mishap in schedule change due to National Park Service being booked the time we reserved with her. We contacted Erika mostly through e-mail and we were glad that she did because it made things smoother due to our hectic schedules. She was very detailed in her contract and knowing that she was insured lifted a big weight off of our shoulders because we've heard horror stories of peoples pictures being lost or
destroyed. LGBT Friendly!! When we finally got to meet her on the day of the event she was very
warm, friendly and welcoming. When she finally did take pictures I like how she let us choose any type of pose or group shots and suggested a few shots too. The pictures I enjoyed the most were the
ones that she caught that no one would have caught and missed besides my wife and I. These shots were the candid shots when no one was paying attention or appreciating. The ones were I was looking into my Wife's eyes and can't believe the day has finally come. Somehow Erika was able to capture and help us cherish that in picture and not just in memory. Lastly, when the DVD finally came in she personalized it by putting an orchid plant of the flower that we had on our hair. To anyone nearby it may just be an orchid but somehow she knew it was special. That flower was a symbol for my mom since she couldn't make it and I was touched that Erika put it on the DVD of our pictures.
Thank you again for being part of our special day. There are no words that could explain how much we appreciate you helping us capture this special day of ours and we hope that people could appreciate the gift you have as much as we do. We hope to see you again in person and through your works around the world. We wish you the best of luck!!!"
- Vicki and Maria